Advanced Rule


1. Team Structure, Rotation and Game Play

Team may have 9 players on the roster but only 4 are allowed on the court. If a team has more than 4 players then a rotation is mandatory unless that team declares the other players will not be playing in the set. This has to be done before the set is started or else a rotation must happen. In the event that it is not declared that team will lose its serve and give up a point and either declare to play all of its players or not. If they choose not to play all then the 4 on the court must stay the entire set. There will be no switching out players at any time during play.

Sets should be as clean as possible. Bump sets are perfectly okay. A slight rotation in an open handed set is okay but Please use the honor system and call your sets. If there is a disagreement then a replay is to be done. There will be no set overs allowed!!

Push overs with closed hands is legal. Open handed push overs are illegal.

Dinks are not acceptable unless it is made with a closed fist or knuckle. 

The net is not to be touched AT ALL. Please call your nets and use the honor system. 

 A ball may be received with open hands if it is hard driven. Meaning it must travel in a straight manner with no arch and the player hitting the ball must have left the ground i.e. jump when executing the hit. Roll hits are not considered a hard driven ball and must be received with a bump or closed hands. 


AVP rules apply otherwise.  Any question regarding rules interpretation will be resolved by the Sports Director, co-Directors, or a Diablos board member, as applicable.  

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