Intermediate Rules


Teams may have 9 registered players with a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level player (No More Than two advanced if no advanced division is available).

The serve and / or any first hit of the team, may be received with close hands or be bumped.

The ball must not be caught and/or thrown. A set can be done with a bump or open hands (fingers). If a set is done with open hands (fingers), the set must be clean.

Open hand touches, tips, and dinks are legal. You can not attack the serve meaning your feet may not leave the ground when receiving a serve.The ball can be hit with a close hand or knuckle. Push overs with closed hands is allowed. 

5. Rotation  - A team with more than 4 players must rotate and maintain that rotation throughout the game. If a team is caught out of rotation that team loses their serve and gives a point to the opposing team. Before the serve, you must be in the correct service rotation.This means that you must be in the correct relative position to your teammates, although your absolute position does not have to be fixed. You may only switch positions once the ball has been contacted by the server. If you leave your spot too early, your team will be called out of rotation and the other team will automatically win a point. Switch as soon as you can, but only when you have enough time. Not everyone has to switch at the same time, or as soon as the server contacts the ball. In some situations, switching too soon will put you on the move while the other team is sending the ball back to you. That can create a lot of confusion for your side. It is common to switch right away if you are serving, but to wait for one exchange (ie your team receives the ball and sends it back over the net) before switching if you are in serve reception. Teams will decide before the serve if they are going to stay for one and then switch or just stay in position for the whole rally.

6. Substitution - You must have 2 original rostered players and may only sub up to the number of players on your roster and they must be registered volleyball players.

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