Rec Rules

Beginner/Recreational Division

Teams can have as many registered players with a Beginner, Intermediate level players but only 2 Intermediate.  If the team is playing with 4 or less players, only 1 Intermediate player may play at any one time.
Example: Team Dog has 4 Beginner Level players and 4 Intermediate players registered on their team. During play, 4 Beginner level players and 2 Intermediate level players start the game. If one Beginner level player stops playing/rotates out, a Beginner level player can rotate in but not a 3rd Intermediate level player.

The serve and / or any first hit of the team, may be received with close hands, a bump or open hand (finger) to pass a service ball.  "Let" serves are permitted.

A set can be done with open hands (fingers) or a bump. If a set is done with open hands (fingers), it is NOT a violation if the set is not clean

4. Substitution

You must have 2 original rostered players and may only sub up to the number of players on your roster and they must be registered volleyball players.

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